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SUPERHEROES WEAR MASKS TOO BEHAVIOR CLIP CHART is a FUN & MOTIVATIONAL way to help your students take control of their own behavior. Behavior Clip Charts are a great way to help with Classroom Management. The chart is a visual check of how they are doing with behavior for the day, it allows them to make better choices and improve their spot on the chart. Even after have a few setbacks in the day, their day can be turned around and they can achieve a successful outcome. The chart allow you to easily incorporate POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORTS in your classroom.


  • Superhero themed clip chart with 5, 6, or 7 pages (you choose)

  • Ending page could be “Kryptonite!” or “Boom!” (you choose)

  • use and idea page


  • Idea and Use page included with tips on how other teachers have used their clip charts (see in previews)

  • Print on cardstock, laminate, and tape each page together to form a vertical clip chart.

  • Hang in classroom and add clothespins with students names to the sides of the middle page “Ready to Fly”