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This unit is great to use on the upper elementary level when teaching Weather and meets the Georgia Fourth Grade Science GSE’s for the following objective:

S4E4: Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to predict weather events and infer weather charts/maps, and collected weather data.

  • a. Construct an explanation of how weather instruments are used in gathering weather data and making forecasts.

  • b. Interpret data from weather maps, including fronts, temperature, pressure, and precipitation to make an informed prediction about tomorrow’s weather.

  • c. Ask questions and use observations of cloud types (cirrus, stratus, and cumulus) and data of weather conditions to predict weather events.

  • d. Construct an explanation based on research to communicate the difference between weather and climate.

This unit includes:

  • 7 Page Student Booklet (blackline)

  • 7 Page Teacher Answer Key (answers in red)

  • 17 Word Wall Cards

  • 14 Mini-posters (4.5×5.5 in.)

  • 3 Large Posters (8.5×11 in.)

  • 3 Foldables (Blackline and Color Copy with answers in red)

  • 38 Task Cards (Blackline and Color included)

  • Teacher Directions

Vocabulary included in unit:






rain gauge


wind vane


cold front

warm front

stationary front

high pressure system

low pressure system

clouds-cirrus, stratus, cumulus



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