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What are estuaries and why are they worth saving? This thoughtful Wetland & Estuary Ecosystems Ecology Lesson explains! Includes lesson, notes and activities to reinforce key concepts. Help your students discover the importance of estuaries, the different types of estuaries, how they relate to migration and the environment. Activities cover endangered species migration, water density, ocean acidification and more. Don’t let this lesson fly by! Share it with your classes now!

Objective: Students will learn and explore estuaries as an ecosystem. Interactions and dynamics of this unique ecosystem are introduced, as well as the types of estuaries. The value of estuaries and the ecosystem services they provide are also included. Exploration activities include learning about two endangered species migrations, a hands-on water density experiment, an online interactive and comparing specific types of estuaries.

Science Concepts: Ecosystem interactions, biotic and abiotic factors, endangered species, human impact.

Connections and Skills: Media research skills, critical thinking through explorations, drawing conclusions based on new information.

Lesson and Teacher Tips: This lesson takes an in depth look at estuaries as an ecosystem. You can choose to do all of the activities, or just some of them. This lesson has built in flexibility to be used for multiple class days or just 1-2 days. This lesson can also be used as a jumping off point for a community project for your students!

What’s included:

• Slide presentations: Includes Lesson on estuaries as an ecosystem, types of estuaries, activities & teacher resources. (29 slides)

• Student note & activity pages: Student pages for organization & keeping students on track & supporting activities. (6 student pages + teacher key pages)

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