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Item description

This is a fun and engaging resource that supports students to explore what factors they have control of verses what they do not have control of.


Students are encouraged to read the 21 different prewritten cards and decide if they are to go in the “I’m in control of box” or the “I’m not in control of this box”. Conversation and deep thinking can occur exploring anxiety and exploring why focusing our time, energy and resources on the matters that we can control is important.

This is a great resource for early learners as well as students with anxiety based presentations and difficulties. This resource is versatile and is great for emotional regulation, growth mindset and problem solving topics.


This resource includes the following:

– 2 pages with box clipart differentiating between “in control” and “out of control”.

– Blank cards for

– Over 21 prewritten cards with ideas of what is “in their control” and what “is not in their control”