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What Was the Underground Railroad?

These questions were designed to encourage engagement and attention to details while reading. Produce higher quality talks as the students answer the questions regarding the book and the struggles of the people therein.

Each chapter will have 5 questions to be answered.

The students are encouraged to answer the questions in complete sentences and write the number of the page in which they found their answer. Each question is written in a way in which students will draw the answers from the text to make sure they are reading the book and understanding what they are reading.

This resource is great for students reading alone or with a parent! It will produce fruitful conversations as you end each chapter.

All chapter questions can be started from any chapter since the questions do not include questions about previous chapters read.

This resource thrives due to close reading and thoughtful, critical analysis of chapters.

Questions included for chapter 1 to chapter 9 regarding the book: What Was the Underground Railroad? by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Check out the thumbnails to see how this valuable resource looks like.

Answer key is included.

Have fun reading & chatting!

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