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Item description

This is a large pack of worksheets that includes puzzles, matching, drawing, and more for objects found inside the church for a variety of ages/grades. The focus is on the definitions of the items to help recognize them. The 35 objects could be found in church, can be used during mass, or vestments.

Included in this pack:

■With Definitions

  □ Matching (6) – 4 Types

  □ Crossword Puzzles (2)

  □ Draw the Object (2)

■Without Definitions

  □ Word Search (2)

  □ Unscramble (2)

  □ Decode (2)

■Answer Keys for All Pages

NOTE: There are 36 church items in this pack. Some of the pages are split up between “1” and “2” so that there are 18 items each. All pages with “1” will have the same objects and all pages with “2” will have the same objects. If there is no number on the page, then it is a combination of the 2 sets of words

The items included in this set:

crucifix ❖ chasuble ❖ presider’s chair ❖ cruets ❖ paten ❖ thurible ❖ stained glass window ❖ processional cross ❖ pews ❖ stole ❖ chalice ❖ altar ❖ tabernacle ❖ corporal ❉ purificator ❖sacramentary ❖ stations of the cross ❖ sanctuary lamp ❖ holy water font ❖ aspersory & aspergillum ❖ altar bells ❖ statue ❖ credence table ❖ baptismal font ❖ paschal candle ❖ hymnal ❖ votive candle ❖ lectern ❖ pall ❖ rosary ❖ offertory table ❖ altar candles ❖ lectionary ❖ alb ❖ ciborium

NOTE: These are items found in the Catholic church, but could easily suite the needs of other faiths.

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