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This download includes the following printable worksheets:

Page 1: Solids definition poster/handout.

Page 2: Liquids definition poster/handout.

Page 3: Gas definition poster/handout.

Page 4: 3 boxed sections in which the students write what they know about solids, liquids and gases and provide examples.

Page 5: Kiddos will write which type of matter is being represented.

Page 6-7: Cut and paste activity in which they will cut out 9 pictures and paste them under the corresponding column to show their knowledge on states of matter.

Page 8: Draw a line to show whether the word show is a liquid, solid or gas.

Page 9: In each box the student will label the parts of the picture that represent any of the three states of matter.

Page 10: Student will fold the page in half and cut along the marked lines to make flaps. On the flaps the student will write liquid, solid or gas to match the definition and show an example of each.

Page 11: Students will use the word bank with vocabulary words to complete each sentence.



Answer key is included.

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