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Take your weekend back with this print and go resource! Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is absolutely one of my favorite books to teach because Grace Lin has filled it full of figurative language and captivating characters! It also hits so many standards we need to teach with its culture, fantasy, and folktales! In this novel study, the comprehension and vocabulary pages are broken up into sections with 3 chapters in each section. Students will also have the opportunity to practice reading, literacy, writing, and language skills which can be assigned depending on the needs of your students and the concepts you are most in need of reinforcing. This novel study works well in a Daily 5/CAFE setting, as a literature circle reading group log, as well as in a traditionally structured reading class.


A link for the digital paperless version of this resource is included as a free bonus with this download.


Reading Skills:

  • comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • visualization
  • inference
  • prediction
  • similes and metaphors
  • sensory images
  • connecting to text
  • summarization
  • generating questions
  • character traits
  • main idea and details
  • compare and contrast
  • cause and effect
  • fact and opinion
  • fantasy vs. realism
  • figurative language
  • elements of plot
  • signposts
  • quests
  • plot diagram

Writing Skills

  • response to reading
  • letter writing
  • poetry
  • persuasive writing
  • how-to writing
  • narrative writing

Language Skills

  • nouns
  • verbs
  • adjectives


Ideas for use:

  • Print this novel study 2-sided with comprehension on one side and a skill on the other then and use it as an assignment for each section of the book.
  • Use the comprehension questions as think-pair-share discussions and have cooperative groups work together to complete the literacy pages.
  • For vocabulary, you can leave it up to the kids to find words that are new to them or you may choose a few words in advance for them to define before reading.