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Why History Matters Interactive Bulletin Board

This resource includes 26 interactive cards to be used in a bulletin board display focusing on “Why History Matters.” Topics included are: Why history matters? What skills do we learn when we study history? What does it mean to think like a historian? How are historians like detectives? What is historiography? What is a primary source? What is a secondary source? What is oral history? What is historical inquiry? And more!

A title, “Why History Matters” is included.

This resource also includes two visually appealing fill-in-the-blank note pages that may be used in conjunction with the bulletin board or may be used alone. Topics included are: Why study history? Tools of a historian. Thinking like a historian, and more! QR Codes are included.

Tip: Print on color paper for a more vibrant display!

NOTE: An answer key is NOT included with the notes pages. Answers will vary on both notes pages depending on the student and how the notes pages are used. The notes pages are included in this resource as a BONUS. Feel free to use them or discard them if you wish.