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This 3D cup of cocoa craft for the bulletin board is a lovely way for your students to show kindness by giving and receiving “marshmallow compliments” in their cup, or they could write ways that they are kind on the marshmallows. This is perfect for a winter-theme, the lead-up to Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and any time you want to focus on kindness and building each other up with kind words.


Students could decorate their cups according to the theme, using patterns and stripes, or choose their designs.


Sometimes children find it hard to give compliments, so I’ve included a page of helpful ideas of phrases, personality adjectives, and skills to get them started.


Student instructions come with photos so they are easy to follow.

The bulletin board letters have the phrases “Kindness warms the heart” and “A cup of kindness” so you can choose which one you like. There are plenty of options for the bulletin board letters – print black font on colored paper and use for any theme, print blue font to go with a winter theme, print red for Valentine’s Day or Christmas, and print green for Christmas.


What’s included in the zip file?

  • U.S and U.K versions
  • 3D cup of kindness craft page
  • Page of marshmallow compliments
  • Student instructions
  • Photo of bulletin board examples
  • Two phrases, two fonts, four colors in letter/A4 size, A3 size, and 1-2 letters per page

I recommend this craft for grade 2 and above as 3D crafts can be a challenge for younger students.