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Are you looking for a winter themed, no-prep, easy, and FUN way to teach/review the order of operations or PEMDAS without exponents in your 5th or 6th grade classroom? Then look no further, this set of digital task cards is perfect for reviewing, reteaching, and/or independent practice AND can be used in a distance learning, in-person, OR hybrid teaching model. This escape room, boom card game is winter monster themed and will have your students practicing the order of operations with no exponents and begging for more!

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Thanks to the boom learning platform you don’t have to grade anything to know if your students are making progress on this skill either. Whenever your students complete a card, the boom learning platform auto grades their answers (right or wrong) and creates a report in your dashboard. Making data collection extremely easy and quick!


This is not a printable resource. By purchasing this resource, you will receive a PDF that will give you a redemption link to the Boom Learning website for you to redeem your purchase.

Reasons to buy:

  • No prep! You just download, assign, and go.
  • Fun winter themed escape room
  • No printing, this is completely digital
  • Thanks to the boom learning platform, this product is self checking.
  • Wake up sick? This product is perfect sub plans.
  • They are common core aligned.
  • Multiple grade levels can use them. Enrichment, standard learning, or review (4-6)
  • They are fun and engaging! These task cards are game based and similar to other games your students already know and love!

How to use this resource:

  • Use this as a whole group activity as a lesson.
  • Independent review in math centers.
  • At-home learning (for quarantining)
  • Enrichment activities for students who are quick to finish.
  • Assessment tool.

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Boom cards are a fun and engaging tool similar to a powerpoint presentation. The difference with boom cards is that they are self-grading, interactive, and can be formatted as a game. Students are assessed in real time with the Boom Learning platform and are taught in a game like format. Students are often asked to click, drag and drop, fill in blanks, and submit their answers. Boom Learning will stop them if they are wrong and give them a chance to fix their answers.

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