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Need a fun way to introduce Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to upper elementary or middle school students? This great lesson lets students learn the basics of Microsoft Excel (or Google Sheets) as they create pixel art using the program. First, they’ll create a quick pixel art from a given example and then they’ll create their own! These are also fun lessons to use if you just need something for a one day lesson.

I’ve used this with 7th and 8th graders who used their free time to create even more art! I hope your students have as much fun as mine did learning Excel or Google Sheets!

Files Included

• Teacher & Student Resources

• Introduction to Pixel Art Lesson (Microsoft Excel project) with tutorial

• Introduction to Pixel Art Lesson (Google Sheets project) with tutorial

• Legends and Sample Pictures for 6 Additional Pictures

• Full Excel (2016) editable files for all pixel art projects (note: these can be opened in Google Sheets too)

Includes instructions and samples for these pixel art designs:

Example Pictures and Legends

Easy Picture 1: Christmas Package

Easy Picture 2: Stocking

Easy Picture 3: Menorah

Additional Pictures and Legends

Picture 1: Candy Cane

Picture 2: Christmas Packages 2

Picture 3: Christmas Stocking

Picture 4: Wreath

Picture 5: Christmas Tree

Picture 6: Gingerbread Man