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This winter writing prompts resource includes 15 winter writing prompts to get students thinking and writing about the changes that occur with the winter season. There are 5 writing prompts for each of the following categories: opinion writing, informative/explanatory writing, and narrative writing.

We have also included mini versions of each writing prompt that can easily be pasted into an interactive notebook or writing journal and completed therein. Additionally, there is a cover page that can be colored by the students and stapled to their completed writing prompts.


Journal Writing Prompts in this Resource:

Opinion Writing Prompts

  • Snow days are the best days of the year! Do you agree? Explain the reasons for your opinion.
  • How would you like to actually live in a gingerbread house? Explain the good and the bad of such a thing.
  • Is learning to build snowballs, snow forts, or igloos a necessary skill for children to learn? Support your opinion.
  • Should everyone try winter sports at some point in their lives? Would their lives be better due to the experience? Why or why not?
  • Do you agree that vacations are for the summer and it is best to stay in your home area during the winter? Support your opinion.

Informative/Explanatory Writing Prompts

  • You are planning a winter activity for your family or friends. Explain what you have planned and what supplies are needed.
  • A winter storm is headed your way. What should be done to be ready for the storm? Explain your plan.
  • What special clothing or personal equipment is needed for winter in your area? Tell about how you would dress for a few of your favorite activities.
  • Older people or ill people may be at a disadvantage in winter weather. What activities could you do to help them during winter? Describe your plan.
  • What is your favorite winter activity? Describe it and tell why you like it.

Narrative Writing Prompts

  • Imagine that you are an icicle in the winter. Where would you grow? What would you see and hear? Write to tell about your life as an icicle.
  • Families make unique winter memories. Tell about a special time spent with your family and what happened.
  • Imagine that the snowman you built is able to talk and he’s very grouchy today. Find out why and help change his mind.
  • What animal do you associate with winter? Tell what you know about that animal.
  • Compare what animals do in winter to what people do in winter. What activities are similar?