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This winter prepositions emergent reader features a moose and snowy tree and targets 17 positional words or prepositions of place. This winter themed emergent reader contains 18 pages in black and white. You can pick and choose which preposition pages you want to cover with your students. Cut each page along the center and staple where the staple marks are to turn it into an emergent reader book. Students read the sentences, underline or highlight the preposition in the sentence and then color in the pictures.

The following 17 prepositions are included:
above, around, between, behind, in/inside, in front, next to/beside*, on/on top*, out, through, under/below/beneath*, over.

* = These prepositions have the same image, just the preposition in the sentence has been changed.

Also included is a 2 page reference guide in black and white of 14 prepositions. These can be printed and put into student notebooks or used as a quick reference guide and a tool for spelling/vocabulary during writing sessions. You can laminate them and put them onto a ring or you can print a copy for each student, allow them to color it in, cut and staple and it becomes a personal reference guide!