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This Women in History Bundle is GREAT
for Women’s History Month….and there’s an amazing woman to highlight
each week! All you need to do is let your students watch a YouTube
video (that I created), then give them the corresponding worksheets
that pair back to the video. “I” do the teaching, while you do
something else.
Also, there are fun activities at the end of each lesson to end the week with!

These can act as full lessons.

Each woman in history has a corresponding YT video where “I” teach the topic so ‘you’ get a chance to multi-task. It’s also GREAT for subs! The YT links are in the product downloads AND in each product description, as well as below:

Clara Barton

Jane Goodall

Helen Keller

Amelia Earhart

WHAT YOU GET – 4 sets of differentiated worksheets including:

-Comprehension Sheets

-Writing Prompts

-Writing Prompts pages

-Glossary of new words

-Misc. Skill sheets depending on the woman in history

-Coloring sheets

-Fun sheet

-Extra misc. theme page

Great for:


*Rainy day

*Literacy Centers

*Daily 5

*When you’re simply out of steam


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