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Word Association – A What’s the Password Guessing Game provides practice in forming multiple one-word connections and improve lexical knowledge and linguistic flexibility.  The fun and motivating game design is intended to increase the formation of strong semantic relationships, and the forming of more automatic associations. 

The game is for 2 players or 2 teams.  Players take turns giving clues. Only one-word clues are permitted.  No form of the password, no words that rhyme, and no hand signals or spelling cues are allowed. All correct guesses are worth 1o points. To make the game more challenging the number of clues and guesses can be limited to 5 each or a timer can be set to limit the time allowed for each turn.

Word Association is part of a three-game series targeting word association and word retrieval.  By improving the perception of word relationships, automatic associations are more easily activated and in turn accessed from memory. The three game activities focus on forming multiple word associations, understanding distinguishing features, categorizing words, and describing words.  


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Game Cards – 30 Cards & 120 Categories

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