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Help your students better understand the link between phonemes and graphemes with these fun Word Building Work Mats! Aligned to the Science of Reading, these activities have students isolating phonemes and mapping our graphemes using letter tiles. This printable resource also includes editable pages you can easily customize with ANY list of words (with up to five graphemes)!

Here’s What’s Included:

  • 27 Printable Work Mats you can use during your phonics instruction lessons or send home for parents to use with their children as extra practice
  • 5 Versions of Editable Printable Work Mats you can customize with any list of words (with up to five graphemes) using my easy Activity Builder pages! (Each page fits six words). I’ve included versions for words with 2, 3, 4, and 5 sounds. (There’s even a version for words with varying numbers of sounds).
  • Tutorial Videos to show you how to get started with creating cut and paste activities using your own list of words

The Sounds/Spellings Covered:

  • Short Vowels (CVC): (a) / (e) / (i) / (o) / (u)
  • Long Vowels (CVCe): (a_e) / (i_e) / (o_e, u_e)
  • Initial Blends: (_l) / (s_, _r)
  • 3 Letter Blends: (str_, spl_, scr_)
  • Final Blends: (_nd, _st, _nk)
  • Consonant Digraphs: (sh, th) / (wh, ch, _tch)
  • Long Vowels: (ai, ay) / (e, ee, ea) / (ow, oa, o) / (i, igh, _y) / (_y fpr long e)
  • R-Controlled Vowels: (er, ir, ur) / (ar) / (or)
  • Diphthongs: (ow, ou) / (oi, oy)
  • Vowel Digraphs: (oo) / (au, aw)pages you can easily customize with ANY list of words (with up to five graphemes)!
  • ANY Sound/Spelling You Like (with up to five graphemes)! (Use the included Activity Builder to fill in your own list of words)

These work mats can be used during small group, one-on-one, or even whole group instruction. You dictate the words as the students listen and then segment the phonemes before mapping the graphemes with the tiles. Each work mat has the same format- as your students’ familiarity increases with this activity you will find yourself saving more and more time!

Building words helps students to understand how letter symbols relate to letter sounds. It also gives them practice with breaking a word down into graphemes- improving retention and spelling ability. These pages work excellently with word mapping as students need to first segment phonemes and then identify the graphemes needed to build each word sound by sound. These pages make it easy for you to give your students the exposure and practice they need and the editable and digital versions mean that you can make this activity work with for your classroom! 

Please be sure to use Adobe Reader (free software) to view, print, and fill in the editable PDF.

Supports Common Core State Standards (CCSS):

RF.1.2, RF.1.2c, RF.1.2d

RF.1.3, RF.1.3a


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