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Each child will pick a mat. There are three choices of mats for you
to use. They will also pick three letters to put on their jars. Those
will be the beginning sound of their words. All buttons should be turned
over on the table. When it is the child’s turn, they will turn over a
button. If they can make a word using one of their letters, they can
keep the button. If they can’t, they put it back. Once it goes on the
mat and in the jar and the next person takes their turn, they can’t
change their minds and move it; it must stay there. When they get the
predetermined amount of buttons in their jar, then that jar is filled.
Their goal is to fill all the jars with buttons. You can determine how
many buttons they need to get; two to four. First person to fill up
their jar wins. Blends are included with this printable

Contains:  127 buttons (rime), 3 different mats (jars), 3 sets of letters (onset), 3 sets of blends (onset), and a sheet for backs of buttons

A Jar full of Thanks!!          Creations by Mrs Mouse