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Item description

This is a HUGE set of short and long vowel word sorts (illustrated word cards) to use for word sorting activities, reading centers, or phonics intervention. There are so many cards here that you’ll never need any more!


  • 270 word/picture cards
  • 10 heading cards
  • 5 recording sheets
  • Game to use with the cards

The cards are divided into 10 sets – one for each short vowel and long vowel. Each set includes CVC short vowel words, CVCe long vowel words, and extra “enrichment” words that include blends and digraphs in addition to the target vowel sound. You can use these to differentiate instruction.

These word sorts can be used in many ways: sort by short vs. long sound, by spelling pattern, by word family, etc. They can also be used for other skills such as putting words in ABC order. Perfect to use in literacy centers or for phonics instruction during guided reading!

A tic-tac-toe style game is also included that can be used with any of the cards. This is a great activity that your students can do independently during centers.