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Vocabulary Posters for 4th Grade math words and includes 148 WORDS! for all math concepts for the entire year!

Posters are horizontal and measures: 3.75″ x 10.5″.

Perfect for the word wall and includes the following units:





Literary Nonfiction





(These are the units that are covered in 4th Grade ELA))


Included in this bundle is a tip sheet for teachers. I recommend that you laminate the posters and rotate them throughout the year on your math word walls. In addition, vocabulary retention works best when students are first introduced to the word and are using the word throughout their lessons. These posters can also be used to include in students interactive notebooks by shrinking the size of the picture and having the students cut and paste them into their notebooks. I also recommend that you display them on your document camera and have students play games or have discussions about the words. There are many more ideas; however, my goal is to take the stress out of teaching by doing the leg work so that you don’t have to spend hours creating your own resources.

Vocabulary Words Included: 148 Words!!!

Metaphor,  Simile, Character,  Event,  Imagery,  Narrator/Speaker,  Plot,  Theme,  Conflict,  Details,  Fiction,  First Person Point Of View, Point Of View,  Interaction, Relationship(s), Resolve, Sequence,  Summary,  Third Person Point Of View, Fact, Opinion, Author’s Purpose,  Cause‐and‐effect,   Main Idea,  Text Features,  Topic, Article, Evidence, Chart, Comparison, Descriptions,   Diagram, Expository,  Factual,  Graph,  Graphics,  Guide Word, Illustration,  Implied,  Procedural, 

Meter, Stanza, Rhyme, Free Verse, Line Breaks, Line(s), Lyrical Poetry, Poem, Poet, Repetition, Response, Speaker, Dialogue,  Dramatic Literature,  Imagery, Play(s), Playwright, Scene,  Script, Stage Directions,  Structural Elements,  Autobiography,  Biography, Author, Supporting Details, Caption, Nonfiction, Literary Nonfiction, Interview, Headings, Subheadings, Compare And Contrast, Sidebar, Visualize, Summarize, Evaluate, Clarify, Argument, Problem And Solution, Quotation, Paraphrase, Bias, Overgeneralization, Objective, Predict, Reason, Introduction, Conclusion, Linking Words, Letter, Speech, Convince, Persuade, Realistic, Information, Decision, Weak Argument, Strong Argument, Transitional Phrases, Supporting Opinions, Countering, Audience,  Draft, Genre,

Composition‐ Explanation, Letter, Persuasive Essay, Story, Personal Narrative, Expository Essay, Multi-paragraph Essay, Essay, Resource, Paragraph, Coherence,  Organization, Clarity, Detail, Focus,  Revise, Verb, Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Transitions, Comparative Adjective, Superlative Adjective, Correlative Conjunctions, Irregular Verbs, Reflexive Pronouns, Historical Documents, Language, Nationality, Race, Title of Book, Title of Essay, Title of Story, Commas (Compound Sentences), Common Noun, Proper Noun, Prepositional Phrase, Sentence, Simple Sentence, Compound Sentence, Singular Noun, Plural Noun, Homophones, Roots, Affixes and Cursive.


The license you are purchasing is to use this resource only in the classroom of the teacher who purchases it. Please purchase multiple licenses for a discounted price if this is for more than one teacher. Thank you for your honesty and for respecting my work.