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The following mini-lesson and craft activity is great to help students identify and sort your worries and help to clear your mind.

This lesson goes through the process of creating your own worry jar and spending designated “worry time” which is great for clearing out the mental clutter that builds up when we have too many worries.

Students are walked through the process in a fun, creative and engaging way to help them manage their worries, sort through what they can and can’t control and create an actionable plan.

This mini-lesson explores:

– Learning about anxiety and worries

– Changes in your body (when you worry)

– What is a Worry Jar?

– The process (what to do?)

– Writing down your worries (including templates)

– Designated Worry Time

– Sorting Your Worries (in and out of your control)

– Create your own Worry Jar (craft activity)

– Ruminating on your worries

– Various Worry Jar Printable Templates

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