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Item description

This is a fun food science activity that has students writing like a food critic. They get to really experience their food while deciding if they would recommend it to others, with the final product being a written review full of food adjectives.

Included with this resource:

  • Teacher’s guide
  • Informational page about food critics
  • List of food adjectives
  • Initial food review page where students jot down food adjectives and rate what they are eating
  • Writing a Food Review checklist
  • Two examples of finished food reviews
  • Page to write out the final draft of their food review

The Food Critic can be used in many different scenarios, with something as elaborate as a special dessert to something as simple as an everyday lunch item. It can even be used with just a piece of fruit, or cookies brought in for a class party. You can use store bought items to keep it simple, or use it for a recipe made by the students in a food science class. There are lots of possibilities for this versatile activity!

This activity was created for 5th-7th grade students.