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This is a fun food science Christmas activity that has students writing a food review. After reading a page about food critics, students get to be one themselves! Students will have a food to see, smell, touch and taste, and will write down words to describe their food. When they are finished eating and taking their notes, they write their final review and draw a picture. Student packet includes a front cover they can color.

The Christmas Food Critic can be used with anything from store bought Santa Claus sugar cookies, to cinnamon rolls made by your food science class, to candy cane shaped Danishes that you made with your homeschooler. There are lots of possibilities for this versatile activity!

Included with this resource:

  • Teacher’s guide with lesson ideas
  • Cover page for student packets
  • Informational page about food critics
  • Christmas themed list of food adjectives, with two options
  • Food review notes page, where students jot down food adjectives and rate what they are eating
  • A page for students to write their final food review on, with space to draw a picture

This activity was created for K-2nd grade students.

***If you are looking for the same resource in a version you can use all year long, you can find it here.

Happy eating, and merry Christmas!