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SCARY STORIES AROUND THE CAMPFIRE. Remember those? Campfire stories are some of the most captivating – and scary. You know the ones – those caution stories you hear, but they just aren’t true.


Except these are!


“So gross…. but so cool!” No-prep high interest, high engagement science reading articles (that also make great science sub plans for that unexpected emergency). Upgraded to also include digital versions for google drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Perfect for distance learning.


❤️ “These resources are one of the BEST subwork resources I’ve found, and my students actually enjoyed these resources! The directions were detailed and clear and the topics are interesting and engaging”. Pamela F.


❤️ “This resource saved my life the week I was out due to unforeseen health issues. My students were disgustingly amazed and my sub was thrilled they were engaged. Win.Win. THANK YOU!” Sarah Beth G.


❤️ “This was an amazing lesson to leave for my sub when I had to leave school quickly. I have added some of the other articles to my emergency sub plans for the future. It is engaging and my students enjoyed this over articles from Newsela and other reading websites”. Jessica D.


❤️ “Extremely engaging! Even lowest readers were interested!” Emily Villafane


❤️ “This was a very well done bundle that brought high interest level to the classroom. The students really enjoyed learning about the creepy material. This is a must have to bring learning to life. Highly recommend”. Larry. D.


Zombie ants, zombie crickets, mind control, neurotoxins, mind control, bloodthirsty vampire bats, what’s not to like? And the incredible tale of the cryptkeeper wasp!

These are non-fiction science articles which makes for compelling reading. Your students will love them! This is an easy enjoyable way to integrate literacy into science.

Each article is laid out in a newspaper format with images to grab your reader’s attention. Questions on the text and a teacher answer sheet is included. A differentiated version also with questions and answer sheet is also included. Just print and go.



→ Distance Learning ⭐

→ Science Literacy 

→ Homework ✍

→ Sub Plan ⛑

→ Extended Reading ❤️

→ Quick Finishers ✅


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