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Promote Products

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How To Promote Products (BETA Version)

Our newest tool for sellers is the “Promote my products” feature.  Your product will be featured at the top of a grade level category for a full day.

There are 3 featured placements available per grade level (PreK-12).  The main landing page featured spots are not available for sellers.  If all 3 featured spots are not purchased, our system will fill in the remaining spots with random products based on the season or holidays.

Our recommendation is to take is slow and only buy a few ads.

On the “Promote my products” page:

  1. Select a grade level category
  2. Select one or more dates
  3. Select a product to promote (only products from the selected grade level will be available)
  4. 24 hours advance purchase required.  Tomorrow may appear available, but it will not show up in your checkout cart.
  5. Up to 3 Dots (ads) available per date on the calendar.  If there are not three dots on a date, then you can select it to promote your product.


  • Variable Pricing – Three featured placements are available each day, each priced differently. The prices may change depending on availability and demand.
  • Current Prices For Each Date
    • 1st Ad Spot $2 (No other ads have been purchased on your chosen date. All 3 spot available.)
    • 2nd Ad Spot $4 (1 ad already purchased. 2 ad spot available.)
    • 3rd Ad Spot $6 (2 ads already purchased on your date. Only 1 spot available.)
  • With each selected product, the price will be displayed above the product selection.


  • Payment will be made using the regular checkout process.
  • Your receipt will display the product and date selected.

When Do Ad Spots Become Available Each Day?

  • Promote my product ads can be purchased up to 60 days in advance.  An additional day becomes available for purchase every 24 hours.

How to review my sponsored ads after purchase?

  1. Revisit the “Promote my products” page to see your upcoming promotions or to purchase additional dates.
  2. Select a grade and date to view your ads for that day.
  3. RED dots are your sponsored products.