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Seller Questions

What Guidelines Do Sellers Need To Follow?

Before selling products on, all sellers need to know and agree with our seller guidelines.  Please read the Seller Guidelines here.

How Can I Upload My Products?

From the Dashboard page, click the “My Products” tab.  Next click the “Add a New Product” button, and fill in all the required input fields.  Add a minimum of 1 preview image.  Add the resource file (Basic Account Maximum file size 90 MB / Premium Account Maximum file size 130 MB).  Check the copyright agreement box and submit.

NEW! How does “Promote my product” work?

Sellers can now promote products by grade level to the front page of search results.  For more detailed information, check out our  Promote my products page.

What File Types Are Allowed?

Here is a list of file types that are currently supported (.doc, .docx, .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf, .png, .ppt, .pptx, .txt, .zip)

How Do I Make A Bundle?

If you want to combine more than one product to sell as a bundle, you need to first add the individual products.  Next, click the “My Products” tab from your Dashboard.  Click the “Add A New Bundle” link and fill in the required input fields.  Upload a minimum of one preview image.  Select the files to be bundled by typing the file names in the file fields.  Note that the order that you select the files will be the same order in which the files are displayed.  Check the copyright agreement box and submit.

How Do I Feature A Product in My Own Shop?

You can feature up to 3 products on the top your own shop page.  A product can be featured by viewing the list of products in the “My Products” tab from your Dashboard and clicking on the star icon next to the product you want to feature.  If you already have 3 products features and want to change them, you will need to select the solid star next to your featured products to unselect them before you can choose new products to feature.

How do I Throw A Sale?

  1. On your Dashboard, click the “My products” tab.
  2. Select “Manage Sales”.
  3. Set the “Sale Date”
  4. Select the “Discount”
  5. Click the red “Throw new sale” button (This Selects All Products)
  6. Ignore the “Product name” drop down menu and gray “Include new product” button unless you only want to select a few specific products.

How Is Sales Tax Handled?

Sales tax will be collected on sales in some states as required. Not all states charge sales tax on digital products. As a publisher of digital products through our marketplace, we submit the taxes collected to states, so our sellers don’t need to. Sellers who sell on other platforms, such as your own blog, are responsible for collecting and submitting taxes on sales outside of our website if you have nexus in that state. You can view the number of sales for each state on your seller dashboard. Read more about Nexus from online tax companies like Taxjar or Avalara.

What methods are available for seller payouts?

We only use PayPal for payouts.  If you do not have a PayPal account, then you can not receive payouts or sell products on our platform.  For this reason, we require a PayPal email to be added during your shop setup.  

How to Change My Paypal Email for payouts?

Sellers can change their PayPal email address in your Dashboard from the Edit My Shop tab.

What is the fee charged by PayPal?

Paypal charges a fee for each monthly payout.  The fee is deducted from the monthly net earnings.  The fee is 2% of the amount sent up to a maximum fee amount, depending on your country and region.  See PayPal’s website for further information on the fees they charge.

How to update a product file?

When editing or updating a product file, you’ll need to:

1. Click “My Products” from your Dashboard to view all products.

2. Click “Edit” for the specific product 3. Delete the old file by clicking the trash icon next to the product file.

4. Upload the new file.

5. Save by clicking the red “Edit Product” button.

6. Check that that the download is correct by clicking the red “Test Download” button from the product page and opening it Sellers sometimes upload the incorrect product file or occasionally the files don’t upload completely.  Products that don’t download may be switch off by the site administrator until updated by a seller.  By verifying that your products download and open correctly you’ll avoid extra work in the future.

When are payouts sent?

Payouts are sent to sellers using PayPal once a month for the previous month’s net earnings, usually during the 2nd and 3rd weeks.  We aim to send payouts before the 21st of each month.

Recent Updates

  • Fixed “Create a copy” feature.  The generated URL now matches the product title.
  • Fixed layout of products in search results
  • Added a “Promote my products” feature
  • Added quick links to the bottom of the sellers Dashboard

Future Updates

  • Working to improve page performance and speed
  • Working to improve Search to accurately find resources
  • Working to improve Search to find Seller shops
  • Add more stats for sellers