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100 Chart Activities – Build number fluency with these 100 Chart Puzzle Piece Worksheets. Students will practice adding ten, subtracting ten, counting on and counting backwards as they build number fluency and understand the numbers 1-100. Worksheets work well for distance learning as well as in class and homeschool.


The worksheets have 2 different sections randomly cut from a 100 Chart. The 2 sections have mostly empty squares with either 1, 2, or 3 numbers pre-filled in. Students use those numbers to help them fill in the missing numbers. Some students will need a 100 chart for reference to begin with, and some will need a manipulative to mark the 100 chart so they know where to look. Given practice, some will not rely on the chart as much and start to see the patterns of counting on by one as they move horizontally, and by 10’s as they mover vertically.


Print & Go! These printable 100 Chart worksheets will give your students a FUN and ENGAGING way to build numeration fluency!



  • Distance learning
  • Morning Work, Bell Ringers
  • Substitute Plans
  • Independent work
  • Math Centers, Math Stations
  • Homework
  • Skill Practice or Review



  • 15 worksheets with 3 numbers pre-filled in
  • 15 worksheets with 2 numbers pre-filled in
  • 15 worksheets with 1 number pre-filled in
  • 10 One Hundred Charts (9 in color, 1 B&W)