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Our Story

We are educators and creators who enjoy sharing ideas and original products with the world. When we created this website, there were already a lot of education blogs and websites sharing ideas and worksheets, but there weren’t a lot of options for publishing and selling products in an educational marketplace. We believed there should be more options for publishing and selling products in an educational marketplace, so we created one.

At the beginning of 2019, we took on the task of redesigning our website to make it easier and more user friendly for buyers and sellers. We quietly launched the redesign just before the start of summer vacations since we believed this would give us an opportunity to work out the kinks before the busy school year begins.

We have both a global and personal mission. We want to make life better for everyone. Teachers and parents struggle to earn enough income to live comfortable middle class lives, provide for their families, and teach their children. Families with a single income struggle even more, and yet the job of teacher and the job of parent are the most important jobs in the world. We want to provide more opportunity for earning because teaching doesn’t pay enough. In fact, most jobs don’t pay enough to have a home, health insurance, food, and time with your kids. We want to help change that. There are so many great educational products being created that help to enrich learning, and now teacher-authors and parent-authors have another place to offer their products for sale. We are grateful to all of our members who support our community by using our website to buy products from our sellers. You are making a difference.

We’re excited to have new members joining every day and look forward to growing, learning, and improving the world together.

Thank you!