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Welcome to, a digital marketplace for finding and sharing ideas and resources for teaching and learning. We provide teachers and content creators a place to collaborate and sell original educational products and resources.

We launched our new marketplace in San Bruno, CA and even though our website is fairly new, we have been amazed at the amount of visitors received each day. It’s been busy but fun. During the school closures that began in March 2020, began receiving upwards of 17k unique visits per day, and we’ve been thrilled to have provided distance learning solutions for thousands of teachers and parents.

We’re excited to continue growing, improving, and learning. With the combined help of educators and teachers from around the world, we plan to continue providing opportunities to collaborate, to learn from each other, and to improve education in the United States and worldwide.

Thank you for being a part of our community of teachers and learners. Together we will make the world a better place.