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Carry out 100th Day of School Activities with this hands-on fun and engaging 100th Day of School Writing Prompts Flipbook. This Booklet is great for 100th Day of School Activities for 2nd Grade, 100th Day of School Activities for 3rd Grade and 100th Day of School activities 4th Grade. This Flipbook is also perfect for Social Emotional Learning Activities in your class.

Includes 9 Social Emotional Learning Writing Prompts:

▪︎I’ve been Kind

▪︎I’ve been Grateful 

▪︎I’ve Shared & Cared

▪︎I felt being Loved

▪︎I made New Friends 

▪︎I’ve Learned New Things 

▪︎My Happy Days

▪︎I’ve been Helpful 

▪︎My Best Experience 

You may give any 4-5 topics out of these or let your students to choose by themselves to include in their booklet.
These prompts will help you and your students to get an insight into their social emotional progress.

Hope you and your students enjoy this resource.

We really appreciate your sparing a few moments to review this resource.