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This resource for 2nd grade provides spiral review and practice on a daily basis. It can be used for morning work or even homework.

There are 30 pages in this pack – Enough for six weeks if used every day! This is Set C which can be used as a stand-alone resource or as a continuation of Set A and Set B.

Each page has six tasks, some math and some ELA. Occasionally there is a science-based question as well. There is plenty of space for students to work out math problems if needed.

Math skills include:

  • place value
  • addition and subtraction
  • skip counting
  • even/odd
  • telling time
  • geometric shapes
  • graphs
  • measurement
  • factions
  • probability (most/least likely)
  • greater than/less than
  • money
  • number patterns
  • arrays/repeated addition
  • line plots

ELA skills include:

  • main idea
  • inferences
  • making predictions
  • compare and contrast
  • fact and opinion
  • contractions
  • compound words
  • phonics patterns
  • context clues
  • capitalization/punctuation
  • synonyms/antonyms
  • prefixes/suffixes
  • multiple meaning words
  • text features
  • character traits
  • common and proper nouns
  • parts of speech: adjectives, past tense verbs, irregular plurals