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This VALENTINE’S DAY MATH HOMEWORK is a great weekly review homework packet.

You get 5 weeks of homework with a cute and engaging Valentine’s Day theme, 4 days each week (Monday – Thursday). The days of the week on each page let parents and students know what needs to be done each night.

It also has fun Valentine’s Day graphics so it’s fun for the kids to work on.

This resource was designed to keep math concepts fresh all year and it’s great to use along with my 3rd Grade Math morning Work – Valentine’s Day.

Skills covered:
– Expanded form
– Place value
– Addition and subtraction facts
– Multiplication and division practice
– Rounding to 1,000 and 10,000
– Mixed review multiplication and division fluency
– Area of two rectangle figures
– Perimeter
– Classifying shapes
– Partition name fractions
– Fractions on a Number Line
– Identifying Equivalent Fractions
– Shading and comparing fractions using >, <, =
– Word problems (fractions)

Please take a look at the preview.

They are perfect for review, great for morning work, homework or as an assessment.

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