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Item description

Adapted interactive activities are provided to help students practice answering WH questions and their receptive language skills. Real life images are included to help increase student engagement and to help the students relate (and to refer to personal experiences) to what they see in the pictures.

For this particular activity, 24 different adapted printable picture boards derived from 17 different social scenario real life images are included.

There are also 2 levels of activities included in this set so that you can utilize this with learners of different levels.

– In activity 1a, students are provided with 5 visual/picture tiles to answer the 5 WH questions

– In activity 2a, students are provided with 5 tiles that contain written text to answer the 5 WH questions.

The same images are used in both activities so different learners have access to the ‘same activity’ but just at a different difficulty level.

To utilize this activity, simply print, laminate and add Velcro to create a fun interactive hands on activity.

A second activity (SET B) that follows this same format can also be found in my store.