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These alphabet letters for your wall will make your boho classroom pop! You get alphabet posters with pictures, a cursive alphabet and a groovy retro alphabet. These alphabet cards can also double as centers!


The best part about printable alphabet posters, is that if you lose one, you can easily reprint them! With so many options you are sure to find the perfect alphabet for your classroom wall!


Included in this Boho Retro Alphabet Poster Set:

– Alphabet Posters in a cursive font (4 color options) font- KG Eyes Open

– Alphabet Posters in a retro font (3 color options)

– Alphabet Posters in a primary font (3 color options) font- KG Red Hands

– Alphabet Posters with pictures in a primary font (3 color options) font- KG Red Hands

The pictures match the Fundations visuals

A- apple

B- bat

C- cat

D- dog

E- Ed & egg option

F- fun & fan option

G- game

H- hat

I- itch & iguana option

J- jug

K- kite

L- lamp

M- man

N- nut

O- octopus

P- pan

Q- queen

R- rat

S- sanke

T- top

U- up

V- van

W- wind

X- fox & X-ray

Y- yellow

Z- zebra

Ch- chin & chica

Sh- ship

Th- thumb

Wh- whistle

Ñ- ñaco

Ll- llave


Need your posters in another language? Want a different picture? Each poster is also editable with embedded fonts.


To edit files you will need PowerPoint.