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Christmas (Navidad) Spanish-learning or review freebie!

Here you’ll find some of what I call “fun-sheets” or pages that are both fun and educationally valuable. Like many of the other freebies I post here, this pack includes a few pages out of a larger pack.

Included are the following Árbol de Navidad pages:

  1. Numerals and Spanish colors
  2. Numerals, Spanish numbers and colors
  3. Numerals in addition problems, Spanish numbers and colors
  4. Numerals in subtraction problems

Also included are three vocabulary pages:

  1. Spanish and English colors and variants, specifically the following Spanish colors: amarillo, anaranjado, azul, blanco, café, gris, marrón, naranja, negro, pardo, rosa, rosado, verde
  2. Spanish and English numbers and traceable numerals
  3. Basic Christmas vocabulary and variants, particularly: la estrella de Navidad, la estrella navideña, la estrella de Belén, los adornos, los ornamentos, el árbol de Navidad, el árbol de Pascua, el tronco

My goal in including trees of multiple difficulty levels is to help teachers and homeschool families have variety or to meet the needs of students at different learning/class levels.

I’m also happy to report that these are really easy to grade, check, or provide feedback for, as you can “eyeball them” and see almost instantly where a learner might be struggling. Time-saving and fun? My gift to you. 😀

If you use these pages and enjoy them, I’d love your feedback. Have a comment or question? Reach out to me anytime. I absolutely love hearing from teachers, homeschoolers, and parents alike!

¡Felices fiestas!


Huge thank you to The Joyful Learner for the adorable Christmas tree clipart!


Professor Pepper