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If your students love games as much as mine do, then they will definitely be excited to play this Winter Preposition BUMP! game with a winter arctic theme! Included are 15 game mats featuring 5 different characters. Each character has a game mat where players match the preposition word to the image or they match the preposition word to its matching word on the word mat.

This resource targets 11 prepositions and they are:

above, around, behind, between, in/inside, in front, next to/beside, on/on top, under, over and through.

Also included for each character are two different preposition word cards – one is a spinner to be used with a pencil and paperclip, the second is a numbered table card to be played with 2 dice. You or your students can pick which they prefer to use. Each page has 2 spinners and 2 numbered tables.

The second spinner or table features the same prepositions but uses alternative words for under such as below, in instead of inside, on instead of on top and beside instead of next to. Laminate the game mats and word cards for longer durability.

You will need:

  • 2 players
  • 20 cubes -10 in one color and 10 in another color.
  • Game card mat
  • For the spinner cards – a pencil and paper clip
  • For the numbered table cards – 2 dice.

How to play:

1. Each player gets 10 cubes and shares a BUMP game mat and a spinner card or a numbered table card.

2. Player 1 spins the spinner or rolls 2 dice. If using the dice, player adds the total of the 2 dice to find their preposition word.

3. Player 1 reads the preposition word and finds it on their game mat and places one of their cubes on the image that represents that preposition.

If there is already a cube there that belongs to Player 2, they can “BUMP” it off and place one of their own. If the cube is one of their own, then they place another cube on top of it and now it cannot be bumped by the other player, it is “locked”.

4. Player 2 now takes a turn.

5. The first one to use all their cubes wins!

These are great as a prepositions grammar center, group work, small groups, for fast finishers, morning work and more.