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This back to school escape room with the theme of “Why study History?“, is the perfect way to introduce the importance of social studies with internet activities. This 2 or 3 day activity includes digital escape room, engaging video, graphic organizers, discussion questions, and bulletin board idea. 

Everything you need for your back to school! No prep necessary!


By beginning the school year with a fun and engaging activity like this escape room, your students will love your class and get excited about history! It allows students to think critically, problem solve, self-pace, activate prior knowledge, and inquire about what they don’t know. This activity promotes 21st century skills as well. Everything you are trying to promote in your classroom.


What’s Included:

⭐ video on Why study history

⭐ 2 graphic organizers

⭐ 1 graphic organizer for discussion

⭐ google form™ digital escape room

⭐detailed teacher guide on lesson ideas

⭐ digital student copy

⭐digital teacher copy

⭐ Ready to print graphic organizers



⭐ Use with US History or World History classes

⭐ First day of school or back to school activity

⭐Great to use as an introduction to your history class

⭐Make the escape room a timed competition for students

⭐ create a bulletin board from student answers to Why Study History

⭐2-3 days depending on how many activities you want to complete with your classes


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