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8 sets (pages) of sight reading exercises for students who need practice in the Bass Clef.

RANGE : The note range increases in each set.

Set 1 – Middle C 5-finger position

Set 2 – Low C 5-finger position

Set 3 – Low C to Middle C

Set 4 – Low G to Middle C

Set 5 & 6 – C below the stave to Middle C

Set 7 & 8 – C below the stave to Middle C plus some extra notes above and below this range.


The first 5 sets only use the following note values:

Crotchets (quarter notes)

Crotchet rests (quarter rests)

Minims (half notes)

Minim rests (half rests)

Dotted minims (dotted half note)

Semibreves (whole notes)

Sets 6-8 also include

Quavers (eighth notes)

Quaver rests (eighth rests)

Dotted crotchets (dotted quarter notes)

These Bass Clef Sight Reading Exercises are also available separately.