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This file includes three complete sets of Autumn calendar numbers, each
with a pattern. Patterns include: AB, ABC and ABB Each set of calendar
number cards comes with 31 number cards, two “Birthday” cards, two “No
School” cards, and one “Field Trip” card. Cards are approximately 2.5
inches by 2.5 inches.


The AB pattern is an acorn and a sunflower with an argyle patterned border.


The ABB pattern is a turkey and pumpkins with a spotted border.


The ABC pattern is a yellow leaf, a brown leaf, and a rake with a diagonal striped border.


The numbers are in a font that is clear and simple for young students.


I chose to preset the patterns for you so that you do not need to print
out lots of extra pages to assemble the pattern you need. Instead, you
just choose the set you want and only print those pages.


I use these in a calendar pocket chart during circle time. They are great for use during the fall or Autumn months.




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