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Item description

For this set of class jobs the border frame has various shades of
blue and green bubble circles. There are four job cards to a page. It
coordinates with the Ocean theme items in my shop.

There are also three cards that can be edited to add your own text and image.  A page of helpful hints is included to assist you with this.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader program to add text and images to the extra cards.

Jobs include the following cards:

Caboose — Student is end of line when class goes places.

Calendar — Student gets pointer duty at calendar time and may either answer the calendar questions or choose friends to do so.

Weather — Student reports the weather for the day.

Librarian — Student makes sure class library is in order.

Recycling Helper — Student makes sure items that should be recycled are and those that should not be are not.

Door Holder — Student holds door for class.

Energy Saver — Student is in charge of lights for classroom.

Line Leader — Student leads class when leaving room.

Sweeper — Student helps sweep up any messes.

Pledge Helper — Student leads class in pledge and/or holds flag.

Vacation — Student has this day or week off from having a job.

Line Counter — Student counts how many are in line to ensure entire class is ready to move on to next place.

Trash Helper — Student makes sure trash gets put away.

Table Washer — Student cleans tables before snack and lunch.

Teacher Helper — Student helps teacher.

Substitute — Student does job of students who are absent

Question of the Day
— In my classroom this student tallies the responses for the question
of the day and reports to the rest of the class as circle time.

Plant Helper — This student waters the classroom plants.

— This student may lead the class in doing ABC activities during
circle time with the pointer and ABC cards displayed on the wall.
Sometimes it is simply pointing and singing the alphabet song and other
times the student may point to random letters and call on other students
to say the letter or letter sound.

Prayer Leader — In a Christian school setting this child gets to choose which prayer is said before snack and lunch time.

Lunch Helper

Clean Up


Supply Helper

Teacher Helper


Bathroom Monitor

Board Cleaner

Chair Stacker

Paper Monitor





Message Board

Pet Helper

Bell Ringer

Sink Monitor

Snack Helper

Water Fountain

Nap Helper

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