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This is a very exciting lab that students will love to do. They love getting their hands on a cute jumping toy and having Play-Doh around. This lab is designed like many of my other labs. Students first calculate and solve for the theoretical answer (in this case, there are three theoretical problems) before trying to find the answer experimentally. I have found that students enjoy these types of labs the most, because the labs show how applicable physics is to real life. Also, when they see their calculations come to life, it boosts the students’ confidence and they realize how much they understand the content.

These are NGSS-aligned lessons. Your students will engage in the three-dimensional learning by analyzing data, discussing with other students, designing experiments, and computing multiple-step calculations.

Every Lab Includes:

Lab Worksheet (FULLY EDITABLE)

– For THREE different levels of students (CP, Honors, and AP)

– Step-by-step instructions to get students started on their lab

– Just print and you’re ready to start

Teacher’s Instructions

– Detailed layout of how to introduce and do the activity (3 different methods)

– Every step has answers to the correct procedure with a point system

– Includes instructional video

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