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Improve your English speaking skills with this engaging and fun Picture Talk: Conversation Practice (Speaking Practice Task Cards) Volume 1! This set of 15 task cards features vivid and interesting images – from a boy jumping on a trampoline to a model and a photographer in a photoshoot – to help primary level learners practice their English speaking, listening comprehension, and writing skills. An extra writing sheets bonus pack is included to broaden the language practice opportunities. Keep your English learning interesting and fun with this unique picture-based conversation practice task cards! #conversationpractice #speakingpractice #Englishspeaking #listeningcomprehension #primarylevellearners #writingpractice #bonuspack #picturetalk #taskcards

What’s included:

✔ 1 whole page of picture cards

✔ 4×4 picture task card sizes

✔ 2×2 picture task card sizes

✔ 4×4 question task cards with only the question suggestions that you can print at the back of the picture cards.

✔ 2 pages of the suggested / guide questions.

✔ 15 writing practice sheets.