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Creating & Editing Audio and Music in Audacity gives students an opportunity to learn how to create and edit audio and music files for use in projects. A step-by-step tutorial for the program, along with three lessons are included in this unit. Additionally, resources including sites that offer free (non-copyrighted) music and sound downloads appropriate for student projects are included. Audacity is a free download.

Files Included with this Lesson

• Teacher and Student Resources

• Tutorial Lesson

• 3 Project Lessons including rubrics

Middle schoolers LOVE music and the opportunity to create authentic projects. This is a great introductory lesson prior to introducing more sophisticated music creation tools (such as Garageband) as well.

This lesson is great for distance learning/remote learning. You can upload it to your school’s learning management system (Google Classroom, Edmodo, Canvas, etc.) or share with students via Google Drive.