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These fully editable, general Engineering Notebook pages allow students to keep their notebooks on the computer using either Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides. Teachers digitally send students the page(s) they need for the lesson via Google Drive (or other file sharing) or through a LMS such as Google Classroom or Edmodo. Students then add the specific sheet to their file (digital notebook) and complete, following the teacher’s instructions.

These are GENERAL sheets (see list below) that can be used with most lessons in an engineering class, STEM class or an engineering unit in a science class. They are not lesson specific and do not include actual questions or activities.

These were designed for middle school (grades 6-8) but could be used in upper elementary or high school as well.

Files included:

• Teacher & Student Resources (includes instructions for editing, uploading, downloading and sharing)

• Student handout: Instructions for Download and Use

• Fully editable notebook pages in BOTH PowerPoint and Google Slides including:

o Title Page

o Table of Contents

o Note page (plain background)

o Note page (lined background)

o Note page (grid background)

o Classroom procedures page (blank)

o Classroom procedures page (editable suggested procedures included)

o Guidelines for using the Notebook page (blank)

o Guidelines for using the Notebook page (editable suggested guidelines included)

o Safety Procedures page (blank)

o Safety Procedures page (editable suggested safety guidelines)

o Grading Procedures page (blank)

o Grading Procedures page (editable suggested grading procedures and rubric)

o “What Did I Accomplish Today” questions page (suitable as a daily recap/exit activity)

o KWL template page (blank)

o Vocabulary template page (blank)

o Engineering Design Process Flow Chart template (steps included, otherwise blank)

o Venn Diagram template (blank)

o Venn Diagram (editable includes topics to compare inventions and innovations)

o Two Column Topic Comparison Chart template (blank)

o Two Column Topic Comparison Chart (editable includes headings for Engineering careers/classes