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This bundle of resources is a huge time saver if you have a substitute taking your classes. It consists of 9 different technology and computer science topics each containing their own activities. You do not need to use a computer for the majority of these activities so you can literally just print and go.

Different ways to use this bundle:

  1. Print out a worksheet at a time and use as activities in your own technology classes
  2. Use these activities if your computer network is ever down during technology lessons.
  3. Print out a topic of resource and leave with your sub teacher to deliver
  4. Provide your students with the entire booklet and they can work through the activities as and when you need them to.
  5. Use worksheets as starter activities, end of lesson review or even homework.


1. Scratch sub lesson activities

  • 5 different scratch mazes
  • Word fill quiz
  • Scratch word search
  • Unscramble Scratch keywords
  • Scratch planning and coding exercise
  • Answer keys

2. Microsoft Excel sub lesson activities

  • Unscramble Excel Keywords
  • Excel Word Search
  • Ice cream shop sales spreadsheet and questions
  • My Pocket Money sales spreadsheet and questions
  • Answer keys

3. Microsoft Word sub lesson activities

  • Label the Word 2016 toolbar
  • Word fill quiz
  • Word search
  • Unscramble Word keywords
  • Gordon the cat – computer exercise
  • What to Expect in May – computer exercise
  • Answer keys

4. Computer Hardware and Software sub lesson activities

  • Inside the Computer – A Build and Learn activity
  • I Can label the computer screen
  • I can label the computer window
  • I can use the computer keyboard
  • I can explain the computer parts
  • I can match the computer icons
  • I can label the computer parts
  • I can identify google software
  • I can identify computer software
  • Answer keys

5. Python Programming sub lesson activities

  • 5 different python mazes
  • Spot the error task cards * 20
  • Answer keys

6. Data Handling sub lesson activities

  • Designing and creating data capture forms
  • Data Types and Data Lengths activity
  • Database keywords
  • Information and data
  • Label the database
  • Sort and filter the database
  • Answer keys

7. Monthly Crack the Binary Code sub lesson activities (Skill – Level Hard)

  • January message crack the code
  • February message crack the code
  • March message crack the code
  • April message crack the code
  • May message crack the code
  • June message crack the code
  • July message crack the code
  • August message crack the code
  • September message crack the code
  • October message crack the code
  • November message crack the code
  • December message crack the code
  • Answer keys

8. Internet Safety sub lesson activities

  • Internet Safety word search * 2
  • Are we too worried about internet safety activity
  • Information sharing – personal and private information
  • The rules of the internet
  • Unscramble Internet safety keywords and define
  • Internet safety key questions
  • Your opinions of the internet
  • Internet chat rooms
  • Respecting others online
  • Email netiquette
  • Create your own internet safety booklet
  • Answer keys

9. Back to School Sub lesson activities

  • 4 different reveal mystery pictures – color by letter
  • Answer keys