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Are you looking to incorporate a fun activity for your Thanksgiving lesson, New England, 13 colonies, or early American history chapter? Then look no further. This interactive game “First Thanksgiving Fact or Myth” challenges students about their beliefs on first Thanskgiving. This first Thanksgiving simulation is played on google slides™ and includes a score sheet and editable reflection questions.


⭐ teacher guide with lesson ideas

⭐ digital student copy of game on google slides™

⭐digital student copy of game in ready to start presentation mode

⭐ 11 different questions

⭐ each question has at least 2 options to choose from

⭐ 100% editable score sheet with digital and print option available

⭐ 100% editable reflection questions with digital and print option available


⭐Use before Thanksgiving break

⭐use as an enhancement on your “Rise of Colonies”, “Colonies Emerge”, “New England colony” OR “13 Colonies” chapter

⭐Use as an inquiry lesson before starting the chapter

Your students will love this “First Thanksgiving Myths interactive game” because it is a fun way to learn more about the true Thanksgiving. It is a great break from the ordinary textbook and worksheet assignment. Students make decisions based on the choices offered. Each question reflects true facts that we wore taught about Thanksgiving as kids.

Games like this can be used in various ways in the classroom and are a great skill builders by promoting problem-solving skills, applying prior knowledge, questioning, critical thinking, and collaboration. All of these skills are needed in 21st-century learning. This First Thanksgiving interactive simulation is a great addition to your chapter if you are out of ideas on what activities to use. There is absolutely no prep for you, everything is set up and ready to use.


A Google™ account is required for this activity as the game is played on google slides™. Score sheet and reflection questions are 100% editable and available on google docs™ or ready to print.



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