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Free Beginning Sounds Worksheets. Look at each each picture and color the beginning sound. Kindergarten and preschool students can independently complete this worksheet once they have mastered alphabet letter sounds, and it’s a great beginning reading skill. Although the images are great for Easter, spring, and April, the worksheet can be used anytime of year.

If you like this worksheet, then buy the entire download.

Get my Spring Math and Literacy Workbook for more practice.  The entire packet includes:

*Uppercase Letter Writing Practice
*Lowercase Letter Writing Practice
*Butterfly Colors (review color words)
*Circle Beginning Sound
*Write Beginning Sound
*Circle Middle Sound
*Write Middle Sound
*Circle Ending Sound
*Write Ending Sound
*Spring CVC Word Writing – write beginning, middle, and ending sounds
*Long A and Short A Worksheets
*Color the Rhymes
*Rhyme in the Garden (cut and paste)
*Long Vowel Gardening (cut and paste for A, E, I, O, U words)
*Spring Cut, Paste, Write A Sentence
*Write About Spring
*Write About Earth Day
*Buggy Patterns (cut and paste)
*More Bug Ten Frames – count the bugs and identify which is more
*Let’s Make 10 Flowers – ten frame practice
*Base Ten Block Worksheet – use the pictures to finish a ‘tens’ plus ‘ones’ number model
*Spring Subtraction
*Bee Hive Number Writing – write the numbers 0 to 20
*Match The 2D Shapes to Real World Objects
*Bee’s 2D Shapes Matching (cut and paste)
*Count Flowers and Write the Number – 0 to 10
*Count Ladybugs and Write the Number – 15 to 20
*Count Butterflies and Match the Number – 15 to 20 (cut and paste)
*Which is Heavier – Compare 2 Objects
*Time To The Hour (cut and paste)
*Spring Objects Count, Tally, and Graph
*Flower Pairs – count by 2s to 30
*More Flower Pairs – count by 2s to 50

…plus a few extra worksheets as well.

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