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This passage is designed for teaching main idea and identifying supporting details. The format is designed so that you can meet your students where they are at. For differentiation purposes, each passage comes in three formats: a graphic organizer, multiple choice, and short answer. Therefore, it can be used in multiple ways, such as whole group instruction, small group setting, or given as an assessment. A detailed answer key is provided for each format of each format. This product comes in both PDF and digital formats. The digital format is Google Slides and can be used in Google Classroom. Check out the preview to see all the passage topics and formats! 

*Please note that this is a small sample of a larger product. If you enjoyed this freebie, please feel free to check out the full accompanying Main Idea & Supporting Details.

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*Note 2: The reading level and standards are more closely aligned with 3rd and 4th grade, but 2nd grade can use to differentiate for enrichment.