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This resource contains everything you need to teach the book Frog and Toad All Year, by Arnold Lobel. It is perfect for small, guided reading groups and independent book studies. It is full of meaningful activities that were designed to promote your students’ comprehension, vocabulary, language, and writing skills. They will encourage your students to not only think about what is explicitly stated in the text, but to also infer beyond the text and about the text.


This packet includes:

– Prereading graphic organizer

– Nonfiction text on frogs and toads

– Comprehension/ discussion questions (nonfiction text)

– Nonfiction text graphic organizer

– Frogs and Toads facts sorting cards

– Frogs and Toads venn diagram

– Vocabulary flashcards for each chapter/story (with editable document)

– Vocabulary graphic organizer

– Comprehension / discussion questions – Chapter 1 and 2

– Story Structure Graphic Organizer – Chapter 3

– Summary Paper – Chapter 3

– Sequencing Activity – Chapter 3

– Central Message Graphic Organizer – Chapter 4

– Comprehension Questions – Chapter 4

– Key Events Graphic Organizer – Chapter 4

– Vocabulary Assessment – Chapters 1-5

– Character Traits Graphic Organizer

– Text Evidence Assessment

– Journal Prompts For Each Chapter / Story

– Opinion Writing Prompt

– Narrative Writing Prompt

Answer keys included!