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Escape rooms are a super fun and engaging way for students to practice academic skills! This is a low-prep haunted house themed escape designed for third to fourth grade. (It will likely be very challenging for 3rd graders if used at the beginning of the year.)


Start by reading an exciting storyline that sends your students to a dark, abandoned house. Once inside, they discover the doors are locked and the only way to get out is by solving puzzles that will unlock each room.


Each room has its own task. These include:


  • Solving multiplication and division problems

  • Reading informational text and answering text-based questions

  • Calculating elapsed time

  • Spelling words with silent letters


There are 5 rooms to escape. Completing a task correctly will reveal the code to unlock the door. Students enter the code on a special webpage. If the code is correct, they advance to the next room. If not, try again!


Everything is included to set up your escape room:


  • Windows for your room envelopes

  • Task sheets for each room

  • Recording sheets

  • Answer keys

  • Teacher directions

  • Student directions


If you prefer not to use the webpage option or don’t have devices for your students, alternate directions are included.


This activity is very easy to implement. There aren’t a bunch of pieces to put together and organize. It allows you to give your students academic tasks wrapped together in a fun, themed activity without a lot of teacher prep.


Appropriate for grades 3-4.