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This Research Bundle includes the Research Project Template and the Bibliography template to help your students. 

1: Research Project Template

Here is a step-by-step Research Project Template.

Use it for enrichment as an Independent Research Project or as a whole class handout to help them move through the research steps.

There are 2 versions!

Version #1 has kid clip art and is suitable for 3rd-6th grade.

Version #2 uses Generic clip art suitable for older students and adults.

2: Bibliography Cloze Sheet

These fill-in-the-blank bibliography sheets make citing sources a breeze for your elementary students! This bundle includes 3 versions of a Bibliography Cloze Sheet.

#1 The first is a 2-sided Bibliography Cloze Sheet with clip art and plenty of space for big handwriters! This form will help your elementary students find the correct information they need to cite their sources. They find the information and plug it in! Simple!

**Comes with Color Clip Art Detective as well as B&W reproducible.

#2 and #3 Are the original 1-sided versions in this file.

#2 The easier version I have used with third grade and as a modified version for older special education students. It has 5 resource boxes: Book, Book, Encyclopedia, Website and Website.

#3. The harder version I have used with fourth and fifth grade. It has 6 resource boxes: Book, Magazine/Newspaper, Almanac, Encyclopedia, Website, and Personal Interview.

You can use a page as a lesson by itself, in a Scavenger Hunt fashion, where they find a reference source for each box and locate the needed information (title, copyright date, etc.)

Or put them in their research folders so they can plug in the source information as they conduct their research projects.